WT-B12 / WT-B24 Battery Desulfator

Product description:
The battery Refresher enhances the function for service, maintenance of lead batteries and helps to keep them in shape.

Most of the lead batteries terminate their "lives" prematurely due to so-called sulphation. The lead sulphate forms into smooth, large crystals over time. Thus, the amorphous, porous structure disappears. The charging power and thus the charging capacity decrease constantly, the battery ages. The Battery Refresher takes energy from the battery and returns it as a surge. As a result, the crystals are excited in its natural frequency for oscillating. They thus decompose back to their amorphous structure. However, there molecules can be integrated into the charging process and thereby return the battery capacity to nominal vales. Charging voltage, cold test power and capacity increase again. Thus, it is possible to revive old batteries and to preserve new batteries against aging prematurely.

It is best to connect the Refresher to batteries up to 300 Ah.
The Battery Refresher works from a voltage larger than 12.8V (25.8V for WT-B24) terminal voltage.
Then the green LED illuminates.
However, the Refresher shuts down at voltages below 12.6V (25.2V for WT-B24).
Packing Info:
50pcs/carton, N.W.: 5kgs, G.W.: 8.8kgs, Carton measurement: 66x28x34 cm

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